Plaster Prison | (The Bare Essential Series)

Tomorrow is my first one on one session since the stone age and here I am sitting in my apartment staring at the walls wishing I had someone else to talk too. Someone who wouldn’t judge me for the emotional baggage I’ve deposited in the Delaware river. Dredging it up will be like sinking into mud, […]


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The gravel crunches and I feel the jab of the pebbles and stones into my soul. Pressure points that make me twist and move to make way for the new surface that is underneath me. The walk back to the car isn’t much further, I hope. I’ve lost track of how many steps it took […]

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Fighter for the Future

Flickering lights, soft humming computers, the quiet chattering of people spread throughout the room, the smell of ink and paper wafting through the air and two weeks to devour my next alternate universe with choices the plenty. The librarian gave me a gentle nod and smile as I passed the reception desk, familiar faces with […]

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Lies of the Heart

The screams are deafening, I look at the clock, 3 AM, right on time. With a heavy heart, I slink out of bed and make my way down the hall. Swinging open the door I find Katie thrashing among her Hello Kitty bedspread with horror. “NO! JULIE! DON’T GO!!!!” she screams as I stand watching […]

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