Broken | The Bare Essentials Series

My darkest secret sank into the coffee mug as Ben wrapped his arms around me. My cheeks burned as the lump in my throat erupted into fiery sobs. Caroline is the only other person to know this secret. She knows the depth of it, I don’t want to relive the depths, not now, not ever. I […]


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No Excuses

The room is dim with the sun just barely peeking through the curtains. My coffee is stale and cold, but I take a sip anyway. I quiver the moment my lips touch the edge of the cup, the cut burns on impact and I quickly pull away. You sit on the other side of the […]

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Ghost of my past

With a forced smile and roll of the cashier’s eyes, I could tell that it was getting to be that time of day when I needed to seclude myself with a beer and reruns of some comedy show that I’ve likely seen ten million times. My attitude towards the world is in complete ruins since […]

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