Faith, God & #metoo 

Disclaimer: this is a recount about sexual assault.  I was brought up in the church, I was taught to believe in a higher power and that questioning it was not heard of. When I walked away from the church it happened naturally for me, I thought I was making way for something better and leaving […]

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Labor of Love

Labor day weekend was supposed to be filled with me reading a few chapters of my textbook, chilling out on the couch with my dog and seeing the boyfriend. Instead, it turned into a labor of love that ended in a new addition to my household and a decision that I had put off for […]

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Schedule of Events

It’s the end of the summer… sort of. School is starting for many in the coming weeks, including me. Yep, that’s right I’m starting school, again. Over the last few year’s I’ve waxed and waned about going back to school to get my masters. Well, I’m doing it. It’s a personal goal I’ve had for […]

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Moving Update

I’ve been MIA for about two weeks & my posting schedule has been all of the board lately, I’m terribly sorry about that. I’m in the process of moving & have been doing some traveling for work. I promise I haven’t left you with a cliffhanger for The Bare Essentials, I will be attempting to […]

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Behind the Scenes

People always ask me where I get my ideas for stories. As if having an imagination is a foreign language it seems. But the reality is most of my stories come from everyday conversations. An event, opinion, remark, emotion, etc. can spark my mind and turn it into something even I wasn’t ready for. For […]

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Writing on a Schedule – Free Writing

When it comes to blogging or writing there’s always an agenda. Get the reader, get the customer, blah blah blah. Well you know what, sometimes a girl just needs to fucking write. No agenda, no ideas, no story concept. Free write where the idea can pop into her head, she can give you the twist […]

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