Schedule of Events

It’s the end of the summer… sort of. School is starting for many in the coming weeks, including me. Yep, that’s right I’m starting school, again. Over the last few year’s I’ve waxed and waned about going back to school to get my masters. Well, I’m doing it. It’s a personal goal I’ve had for more years than I can remember, even before I graduated high school I knew I wanted to do it. But as we all know life happens and well we sit and decide to put things on the back burner.

This last summer has been one of the most exciting and life changing times of my life. From moving, school, relationships, and business adventures; I’m tired. Well I’m more than tired, but you get the idea. I’m happy, excited, scared, nervous, and tired. I’m ready for this, I’ve been ready I just needed to make the leap.

So where does that put me with writing? I’m going to slow it down some. I know I took the summer off, which wasn’t on purpose. But I think once a week is an obtainable goal at this point with everything settling down. I have a bunch of things already written, but I’ll save them for another day. For now, enjoy the end of summer.





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