Behind the Scenes

People always ask me where I get my ideas for stories. As if having an imagination is a foreign language it seems. But the reality is most of my stories come from everyday conversations. An event, opinion, remark, emotion, etc. can spark my mind and turn it into something even I wasn’t ready for.

For instance, in my piece Lies of the Heart, it was sparked by a conversation with a family member after my cousin passed away. The original piece had Katie, one of the main characters, be the one who had the breakdown. Which my writing started to head that way until it took a twist. I’m not going to give the story away, go read it & tell me what you think!

Where my story Fighter for the Future was sparked by a conversation after visiting The World Trade Center and my love for Holocaust memoirs.

I never know what will spark my imagination, but I am working on letting my ideas go and turning them into somewhat of a challenge for myself. Writing is a craft and we don’t become experts without practice, so here’s my practice.



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