Writing on a Schedule – Free Writing

When it comes to blogging or writing there’s always an agenda. Get the reader, get the customer, blah blah blah. Well you know what, sometimes a girl just needs to fucking write. No agenda, no ideas, no story concept. Free write where the idea can pop into her head, she can give you the twist and boom, happy reader.

Ok, it’s not really like that, or maybe it is? Who knows! But, when it comes to writing I just need a space where I can free write, about writing. The majority of this blog is based on my imagination, where I worry about grammar and spelling and if the story makes any form of sense. There’s a set schedule I have placed for myself – 2 weeks for my short stories, from start to publication – M, W, F for The Bare Essentials.

Pretty easy to follow, but coming up with a new story, a piece of my imagination breaking away with each post can be hard. It’s probably why I have quit so many times before at accomplishing my life long goal. It’s also probably why I failed at my goals too. I didn’t give myself time to write just to write. I mean I write in a journal about my life, the stuff you as my readers will never see. But like honestly, how many other authors out there are just like “where the fuck does this become a part of me?” Or am I the only one?

I don’t write for my reader. I’m telling the truth. I write for myself. I write to laugh, cry, tell a story and just overall release that part of myself into a world for someone else to enjoy. So setting a schedule for my reader loses a part of me. So here I am free writing, more like rambling about writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my readers (those who are subscribed or not subscribed) but if I don’t write for myself I can’t truly love you. You read what I write because you want to read a part of my soul. At least that’s how I feel when I read someone else blog or short story.

I mean the quandary of getting readers has long been my struggle. From shyness to the lack of confidence, I always wonder why would anyone read what my brain paints? But why do I read what others paint? Because I want to dive into a world unbeknownst to me, escape reality and fall in love with characters I know are never real. And this self-discovery, is why I now write on a schedule.


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